Warran term for those who study and practice Sfeer Theory.


Extrovert sfeers are sfeers that balloon out into the world. Extrovert users are naturally inclined in manifesting their Will outside of themselves, and are able to physically impact or manipulate the world around them.


A spiritual hook used to nail down a sfeer in place so that it is able to stand in place without burdening the user. Used mainly in the event of heavy magical multitasking.


Beings that are created by introvert cyclists who specialize in summoning. A figment's presence is usually brief and act more as dutiful ghosts, though an especially powerful introvert can establish them more permanently and physically. There are many contesting and unresolved theories as to whether they are creatures that are summoned from another plane or if they are intelligence created as a "figment of the imagination" of the cyclist they derive from -- ergo the name.


Introvert sfeers are sfeers that are restricted within the user. Introvert cyclists specialize in drawing the world into their sfeer, in contrast to extroverts who impose their sfeer to the world. One's Strongest Will is focused inside, and so Introverts are remarkably resilient against other Wills, though they don't have much outer influence. Commonly they depend on physical contact to affect anything outside of themselves.


A derogatory slur aimed at Warran Imperials.               


The spherical domain of every person or thing that is subject to their Will.

Sfeer Theory

The system of magic abides by defined within the Warran Empire, turning it into a sort of science. Every person has a sfeer. Within the boundaries of this sfeer everything is subject to the individual's Will. The span of a person's sfeer depends on force of personality and natural ability. Individuals are defined by being an Extrovert or an Introvert. A sfeer can evolve and change as much as an individual personality can; it is not uncommon for a person to shift between both classifications, or share small elements from either of them.


Refers to the energy that drives magic within a sfeer.


The Empire of Warassa

The dominant empire and the ruling superpower of the world. Lauded as one of the most intellectual cultures in the world, their universities making up a strong foundation for the Empire and its politics. Revolutionized magic on a global scale with the advent of Sfeer Theory.

The Gillen Sea

A large sea coasting toward the southern coast of Warrasa.


A country Northwest of Sevallia, and Sevallia's constant ally. It's not a unified nation, instead being made up of small states, of which the appointed men and women elect the primary representative for the whole. An inventive and industrious nation, responsible for research and advancements made in incorporating Sfeer Theory into machine.


A country neighboring the Empire of Warassa to the West. A deeply religious nation as well as a beautiful country known for its picturesque views, architecture, and its artistic influence. Sevallia has been home to near-constant civil unrest. It has warred with the Empire over Valence off and on. Has a close tie with its own neighboring nation, Ostravari, to the North.


Located to the Northeast of Warassa. A very strong-minded and prideful culture, and well-regarded for its advances in philosophy, law, and fashion. Historically known for being the Warran Empire's long-time enemy nation at worst and rival nation at best. Has been conquered innumerable times by the Empire and in turn gained independence just as many times out of sheer stubbornness.

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