Luca Valentino

AGE  27
HEIGHT –  175cm (5’9")
ASTRO  Gemini Sun / Scorpio Moon / Libra ASC

The overqualified, overworked technician at the esteemed Uitspan University. The son of wealthy Sevalese merchants, Luca has long held aspirations of becoming an expert in the field of Sfeer Theory — and long been the family disappointment because of it, despite showing promise as a budding cyclist. Due to his immigrant status, Luca lacks the connections and status to gain enrollment either as a student or a scholar at the university, and has for the past three years seemed destined for life as a glorified janitor to the country’s brightest and most brilliant… that is, until he catches the eye of a mysterious visiting scholar.

Tomias Ainsel (Balzac)

AGE  22
HEIGHT –  188cm (6’2")
ASTRO  Pisces Sun / Sagittarius Moon / Capricorn ASC

Visiting scholar and general question mark, Balzac is indisputably a powerful extrovert — but no one at the university officially acknowledges his presence. Apparently a cyclist of some clout, despite his young age and aversion for giving lectures, writing papers, or doing anything remotely proper for a man of his alleged status. A chance encounter leads to him appointing Luca as his assistant on a project he is working on on behalf of the university — but the nature of this project, like everything else about him, is unclear. The only things that are certain: he has an interest in Luca, and an interest in getting his way, and so Luca finds himself accepting a sudden and confusing promotion…


AGE  37
HEIGHT –  180cm (5’11")
ASTRO  Sagittarius Sun / Pisces Moon / Gemini ASC

Enigmatic and extremely inebriated. Somehow he’s been given the much vaunted position of professor in residence at Uitspan. Very little is known about him beyond that. He has a fondness of Sevalese wines, a tendency to start trouble, and a very strange connection to a certain prince…

Lunc Anderson

AGE  35
HEIGHT –  170cm (5’7")
ASTRO  Taurus Sun / Cancer Moon / Aries ASC

The well-meaning but haunted quartermaster at Uitspan. He oversees the prince’s security detail stationed in Uitspan, as well as the general well-being of students and staff. He was once a young and up-and-coming captain in the military, but was demoted to glorified campus security following a now infamous incident in the border city of Savigny.

Lambert-Janse Griethe van Warassa (Lamjan)

AGE  36
HEIGHT –  180cm (5’11")
ASTRO  Cancer Sun / Sagittarius Moon / Pisces ASC

The third prince of the matriarchal Warran royal family, “Lamjan” (as he is known to most — he loathes the length of his official name) has never been under any pressure to rule. As such, he made his distinction as a military commander, serving commendably to defend Warrassa’s broadening borders — at least, he did, until his failure to contain a citizens’ uprising in Savigny resulted in him being recalled to the unimportant post of protecting Uitspan University. At least, it’s assumed to be unimportant…


AGE  33
HEIGHT –  178cm (5’10")
ASTRO  Libra Sun / Aquarius Moon / Sagittarius ASC

Charismatic leader of the Free Valancian Union, the new government of Valance. Montmartre is courageous, intelligent, and very clear in her opinions on the past 300 years of Warran rule over her country. The ambitions of her newly formed government remain largely unknown to Warassa’s general populace, but, given she kicked all remaining Warran authorities out of Savigny and executed the rest, it’s not looking good.

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