The basics of Sfeer Theory are this: all things have a sfeer and in this sfeer all is subject to their will. Whether it be in the mind of a single dreamer or a country as vast as the Warran Empire, if it is within the borders of your sfeer, all things shall come true. So it is that we have come to live in a cyclical world, and a cyclical world becomes a world of revolution. Thus let it be the duty of those with the Will, to make sense of all of this revolution. Within the sfeers of these men and women, all is subject to their will, and a will strong enough may change the fate of nations. They may change time itself. Let them be called cyclists, for all things come round in the end.



"My name is Luca Valentino.
I came to Uitspan two years ago."

It's the eighteenth century of the Imperial Calender and the Empire of Warassa is at its peak. Spanning a full continent, and experiencing a new mastery of the magic known as the principles of Sfeer Theory, one might go so far as to call Warassa the center of the world. However, prosperity comes at a cost. Day by day, tensions rise at the borders of the Empire, which may soon be bound for war.

Not that Luca Valentino knows that last part. A lab technician at the Empire's premier school, Uitspan Academy, Luca desires only to live quietly to further educate himself in the nature of Sfeer Theory. This may not be so simple, for as he learns more about the magic around him, he finds himself entangled in a great mystery, one which may involve the whole of the world as he knows it…


Chira (ARTIST)

Name: Jayd Aït-Kaci
DOB: May 7

1. Lives in Vancouver, Canada.
2. Loves big, glorious noses.
3. Fighting evil by moonlight.
4. Likes wearing silver rings.
5. Really misses the late 1990's.



Name: Alex Singer
DOB: May 4

1. Lives in New England, USA.
2. Loves big, stupid dogs.
3. Editing books by daylight.
4. Likes wearing frilly dresses.
5. Really misses the 1880's.


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